We provide the best matrimonial script solution for people looking for a matrimonial services website. We provide integrated features which can be used to the maximum extenet for your matrimonial services business.

Matrimonial Script

Providing matrimony services is one of the most booming and mordern online business. Matrimonial profile posting and partner search web portals are receiving huge demand. If you are a budding marriage breau or a matrimony, it has become a compulsion to have a matrimonial website for your business and our matrimony script will provide you with all the necessary tools to get started.

Our matrimonial management application permits potential brides and grooms to put their profiles and search partner profiles for a price.

The Script is presently on the market in PHP/MYSQL and is powered by the codeigniter framework. The matrimonial script runs smoothly and quickly on a web host which has the CPANEL software built into it.

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PHP Matrimonial Script

We at Matrimony website design company offer the best web matrimonial software system. Our PHP matrimonial script is designed on an open source framework that is highly secure, mobile friendly and easy to use. The matrimonial script is developed using PHP & MYSQL. Our matrimonial script is designed to be SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) Friendly. Our Matrimonial Script is designed by software professionals and is constantly improved everyday. The code in our matrimonial script is optimized according to the principles and regulation of search engine optimization for search engines like Google, Yahoo and hence it's 100% safe from hackers and malware. We have a dedicated team which will help you implement your business ideas and concepts in the script with the best quality coding. Our PHP Matrimonial script will play an important role in gaining huge amounts of profit for the matrimonial business.

The Script is currently available in PHP/MYSQL and runs smooth and fast on a CPANEL Web hosting.

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Responsive Matrimonial Website Demo

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  • Matrimony Script Software

    #1 Matrimonial Script Software Development Company

    This is a really powerful online matrimony management system that we've developed completely in-house and mobile user friendly. As anybody, Our product has fully been developed and grown over time and with great inputs from the Matrimony business consultants, we've got the most number of features. User are going to be able to search, update, add/remove, and edit their profiles from database. additionally, user can even add/delete/change descriptions, upload images/photos. And also, Users will be able to add/edit/remove their partner preference details accordingly refer the matrimonial script features section to learn more about our product.

    This is the first step in which we help you visualise our matrimonial website features and call us at +91 6302928507 to receive frequent updates on our matrimonial script on regular basis. We are commited regarding our matrimony script product and always try to improvise it continually.

    Matrimony Software Features

    Our Client Side Matrimonial Script Website PHP Software Includes

    The Data on this matrimonial software will be fully secured as we would be implementing and integrating the matrimony script with https encryption. The admin panel through which the admin manages matrimonial users will also be fully secure and will have the capability of single point authentication and does not have a single point of failure.


    • Quick Search
    • Advanced Search
    • Profile ID Search
    • City/State Wise Search
    • Search By Occupation
    • Search By Educational Category

    Guest User

    • A Member can register, This registration can be free or paid.
    • A registered guest user can browse categories that can be filtered or sorted by region, community, religion basic search..etc
    • Can search through all the advanced search feature provided with more sofisticated parameters
    • A non-member can see the listings of other users but cannot get the necessary information unless he becomes a paid member.
    • Static pages information can be accessed
    • Can look at all the recent profies registered on homepage
    • Search Engine Friendly URLs
    • SMS Alerts on registration, express interest, activation
    • Match Compatibility

    General Matrimony Script Features

    • Mobile responsive matrimonial script frontend and backend
    • integrated Re-Captcha For Security
    • Enabled Social Bookmarking
    • Favicon Integration
    • Matrimony News Updater and Manager
    • 100% Unique Design
    • SEO Compatable and SEO Friendly URL's for each profile
    • Set Featured Members On Home-Page
    • SMS updates
    • SEO Features Keyword for Individual Pages
    • Google Analytics Integration
    • Emails Via SMTP Protocol


    • Membership Information
    • Manage Registered Member Membership
    • Order Detailed Information
    • Changing Partner Profile
    • Edit profile information
    • Upgrading membership profile
    • upload multiple photos
    • photo privacy control manager
    • Add, Update Family Information
    • Manage Partner preferences
    • Contact interested profiles
    • View details of other members
    • My Matches


    • Customized Admin Area
    • Content Management System For Static Content & Dynamic content
    • Editing Membership Plans
    • Photo Crop Before Approval
    • Edit, Delete & Manage Member Profiles
    • Admin Password Manager
    • Converting Members to Free To Paid and Vise Versa
    • Membership Approval
    • Email Automation
    • Manage Uploaded Photos
    • Manage Uploaded Horoscopes
    • Manage Submitted Success Stories
    • Add Custom Packs For Viewing Contacts
    • BAN Members


    • Upload Id proofs Option
    • Upload Address proof optiont
    • Id proof and Address proof visible only to the admin option


    • Payment Management Module
    • Sales Invoices
    • Receipts on Sales
    • Summary of consolidated Accounts
    • Paid Members Account Renewal
    • Paypal payment gateway integration


    • Reports on inactive members
    • Reports on free/active members
    • Reports on Paid Members
    • Reports on refered members
    • Reports exported to excel format
    • Custom reports generated by City / Gender / Country
    • Religion Filtered profiles
    • Edit Each member details
    • Quick Profile Search by admin
    • Reports exported to custom CSV format
    • Graphical Interface View
    • Detailed Statistics
    • A4 Size Printouts
    • Labeled Printouts
    • Mobile Numbers Export in XLS Format


    • Left Banner Management
    • Home Page Banner Management
    • Footer Banner Manager
    • Setup Google Ads


    • Newsletter Editor
    • Membership Expiry Notice Reminder
    • Photo Reminder
    • Match Alert Mailing


    • Add, Edit, Delete Staff Users
    • Staff Individual Login Feature
    • Restrict Staff from certain Admin Features

    Matrimony Script

    Do you want to start a marriage bureau or a matrimony ? You are at the right place where you can get the right matrimonial script customized for your needs. Our PhP Matrimonial script software website will help you as an admin and your users to find their life partner and admins to run their matrimonial agency successfully. We provide all the necessary tools to run a marriage bureau successfully. Our PHP Matrimonial Script is a ready made matrimonial script developed with experienced developers in open source technologies. Take advantage of creating an exceptional matrimonial business online by using our matrimonial script. Call us now!!

    Our Matrimony management application is a very powerful mobile friendly application we have developed to make matrimony matchmaking easier. Users who register can search, update, add/remove and edit their profile and their information. Users can also search for their life partner using various parameters. Additionally users can upload their photos with their description.

    Matrimonial Script Languages
    • Language : PHP Logo
    • Database : PHPMyAdmin Logo
    • Web Hosting & Database Management Control Panel : Cpanel Logo
    • Framework : CODEIGNITER

    Why Choose Us

    Why Choose Matrimony Script For PHP Matrimony Script Development ?

    We provide the best matrimonial script solution for people looking for a matrimonial services website. We provide integrated features which can be used to the maximum extenet for your matrimonial services business.

    Call us to get your matrimonial script and matrimony website Now!

    +91 6302928507

    Start your online matrimony website business by using our matrimonial script built by our matrimony script website development company. online matrimonial business have been quite popular since the past decade. We provide our matrimonial script for all the communities like Hindu Matrimonial, Muslim Matrimonial, Christian Matrimonial, Specific Caste Matrimonial ..etc. We have designed this script to be a professional online matrimonial script that can be used by many matrimonial business.

    Highly dedicated Company

    Developed Many Websites Which are on top of google

    Experienced Matrimonial Script Team

    About Matrimony Script

    MatrimonyScript.net’s Matrimonial Script is one of the most powerful php script to run a professional matrimonial portal site. MatrimonyScript.net’s Matrimonial Script comes with many powerful inbuilt features. It provides a complete match making solutions for Match-Making consultancies or agencies who are willing to start a online matchmaking service or planning to provide a online platform wherein Brides and Grooms can interact with each other and find the best life partner.

    MatrimonyScript.net’s Matrimonial Portal Script is a web product for running powerful and customized matrimonial services. Our Matrimonial Script comes with a front site (fully customizable and template based), giving complete snapshot of the matrimonial site. We’ve designed the matrimonial site in such a manner that it gives the glimpse of each module to visitors. It attracts the visitors to register on your site by creating a free profile. Easy Partner search abilities includes Quick Search and Advanced Search along with other search parameters. Registered members can fully control his/her profile and can edit or delete when required. Admin (using admin panel) can fully control all the features of the matrimonial site, like content management, user management, memberships, activations etc.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    We have Matrimonial Script coded in PHP scripting language. Default readable language of the site will be in English. If you want to install more languages it can be done from our end at additional cost.
    Delivery of product is done within 24-48hrs of payment made from your end. All products are delivered manually after confirmation of payment to avoid credit card frauds. Product is delivered to you through email only.
    Yes we can easily customize the script as per your needs for a small fee. Design too can be modified. Checkout our product customization page.
    We provide complete full 100% source code of the script. The User/developer can modify the Script & Design part, provided they have good html expertise
    We provide free installation service @ zero cost, if you want. All you've to do is provide us with your domain name, FTP, database server name, database name, username & Password, Cpanel details. Installation is done in 24hrs on request and depends on the accuracy of the information provided from your end.
    Yes, the product is completely customizable. However on purchase you get the default design. Using Admin Panel you can change the logo & basic site configurations like title, meta tags, footer etc. If you want to give a complete new look to your site, which require alteration & updation of all the pages, there will be additional customization charges. Charges may vary depending on your customization requirement. For minor customization we won't charge you anything.
    Our company is well established with more than 50+ Programmers & Designers employed. Apart from this we have more than 250+ Freelance Designers & Programmers world-wide.We have many clients from UK, US, European Nations, India, Pakistan & other countries. Hence we can assure you & give you 100% Guarantee of product delivery in time.
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